In the program called LIF - Leaders of Innovation Fellowship (with the support of the Royal Academy of Engineering) a group of engineers from around the world are brought into London for two weeks to get their innovation to a market: they get mentoring, workshop trainings, entrepreneurial advice, network opportunities, and finally pitch their idea to investors.

In this process they also need a helping hand with creating their visuals. This is were a couple of other illustrators and me come in . I provide fellows with visual support for their presentation, and I made a point by adapting to each project needs. This is why all the visual below look different.

I had an immense pleasure meeting the engineers,
learning about their innovation and create a tailored visual for each of them.

Please note that some engineers requested "blank" visuals as they wished to place the copy in themselves. This is why some visual will look a bit empty.

Micro-Algea culture

Worm Culture as an alternative for a sustainable source of protein.

Innovative and easy to set up tents to grow mushrooms

The risks with outdoor facilities

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