The Opportunity: After the success at the Greenwich Assembly (2018), The Cultural Capital Exchange asked us deliver a short workshop about our project mapping techniques and the benefits of rapid prototyping.  The workshop took place at stunning The Artworkers' Guild venue in Bloomsbury.

TCCE's summer symposium: Refresh, Reboot, Retool: new imaginaries for challenging times.
Bringing together academics, artists, creatives, policy-makers and people from other sectors, Refresh Reboot, Retool: new imaginaries for challenging times sets out to create a space in which to encourage, debate, conversation, play, knowledge exchange and co-creation about some of our most important contemporary challenges including: politics, diversity, identity, place and environment.

The Workshop: Our workshop followed Kasia Molga's Presentation about how tech can be used as a part of activism, and we decided to raise awareness on how mass producing avocados is harming the environment. The people taking part in the workshop would be ask to craft in 20 minutes a short campaign to visually show how facts and solution to the "avocado" problem. We had a selection of relevant articles, newspaper clips and magazines full of images for them to dig it for resources. The goal was not to make it perfect but to have something strong that speaks for itself. Their visuals would then be mapped (with Madmapper) to show them the result projected on the wall.
Kat Lee Hornstein
Maru Hernández
Sarah Dousse
Viola Siegling

(We are in the program under Greenwich Welcomes Action Group)

We had a beautiful room for our workshop but unfortunately of us all the wall were covered with paintings. We improvised and ended up sticking the poster to the door. 

We always start with pens and paper to sketch out ideas and make collages.

Beautiful Collage made by Team 1 (3 people)

Team 2 crafting their ideas during our workshop

Team 2 used facts and picture as the seed of the avocado. In the project mapping test the seed would change content slowly to tell the story.
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