My project, Emily's Journey, was exhibited for a few days at our Postgraduate Degree Show "Critical Presence". From the 18th to 21st of September we set up our creative displays at Ugly Duck and our exhibition was part of the program of the London Design Week.

I had a prototype of my interactive graphic novel running on two Ipads for visitors to interacts with. It was a rewarding moment as I shared for the first time my project, concepts and art work with the public.

Below you will find a few picture of the exhibition as well as short footage of the display and prototype.

A very tired "me" and my display: two Ipads with my prototype of my interactive graphic novel, Handouts, business cards, TV with a short trailer of my project and a few framed pieces of artwork.

Short footage of the exhibition where I walk around my display.

Amazing experience as many visitors want to try the prototype of my interactive graphic novel. 

This is what the prototype of my interactive graphic novel looks like !

My name plate which was sticked next to the frames on the wall and the instruction on how to navigate the prototype on the Ipad.

Here are the four pieces of artwork and a diagram that I had framed and hanged on the wall.

Introduction to Emily's Family

Introduction to Emily's Friends and Teacher

This diagram shows how the reader will be able to influence the story by choosing Emily's or her Friends/Family/Teacher's behaviour.

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