Dogs Trust  commissioned me to create a set of 10 illustrations that detail the specific behaviours a dog might display in a variety of emotional states such as; relaxed, happy, anxious, fearful or frustrated.

This project what split into 3 phases:
Phase |
character development: what does the typical Dogs Trust's dog look like? I needed to create a cute mixed breed dog. We went for an adolescent dog with a slightly bigger paws and head than an adult dog.

Phase ||
Develop a first set of 7 illustrations. To save time, we agreed on having a set of bodies from different behaviours and then have different head added-on them as well as a few tweaks (tail position etc).

Phase |||
Develop a set of 4 illustrations, one of which was dropped as it lacked purpose in the end.
These illustrations will be shown nationwide in Dogs Trust training schools, and on their website.

Low Approach: half excited - half worried, weight back, neck/head sticking out, tail tucked but wagging slightly

Crouched Body position 1: tail tucked, whites of eyes showing, ears back, tense face, direct eye contact, lip raised/ growl

Sat dog position 1: Lip licking and ears set back, tense face
Sat dog position 2: yawning, dog turning it's head away and looking away

Standing position: weight mid-backwards, ears slightly back, low tail, paw lift

Appeasement Roll

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