Our project & Future Goals:
This work combines illustration, animation, design and projection mapping to chronologically detail the story of the UK’s response to the refugee crisis, and specifically the pledge made by the Royal Borough of Greenwich to settle 20 families by 2020. The aim is to hold Greenwich Council accountable for their promise. (to see more: Greenwich Welcomes: Settling Refugees Locally)
We worked extremely closely with a number of key stakeholders in preparing this project including Greenwich Citizens UK, Refugees Welcome, local faith groups, and academic staff at Ravensbourne.

After the assembly, we will continue to provide creative support to these groups in order to further this agenda. This would include social media presence, public art installations in areas like Greenwich Park, campaigns to call for volunteers, and more.

We are pleased to announce that Both David Gardner (Labour, Cabinet Member, Health and Social Care, Greenwich) and Matt Hartley (Conservative, Councillor for Coldharbour & New Eltham ward) pledged their support for the action plan of settling 5 more families by the end of this year, as well as 6 more in 2019, and 6 more in 2020, in order to fulfil Greenwich Council’s promise of housing 20 Syrian refugee families locally by 2020. 

It was an honour to participate in the Assembly. Our team is inspired to move forward with this work, fighting for the rights of those already settled here, as well as the families to come. There’s more work to be done, however this is a victory worth celebrating. 

Thank you again to Greenwich Citizens UK & all of the dedicated members of the alliance who made this possible.
Below, we have provided our documentation of this project’s presence and our team members’ participatory roles at the event, which took place on April 24, 2018.

Preparing the display:
As described, this project used poster design, illustration, animation & projection mapping to create informational and dynamic visuals calling the Greenwich council to action. 

On the day of the Assembly, we arrived and using whatever materials we could gather (school desks, display boards, etc.) we installed the triptych & set to work mapping our projections.
Mock-up of the display used as a guide when we were setting up our installation.
Engaging in the event: 
Kat Hornstein [above right] served as co-chair to the Assembly. Viola Siegling [above left] introduced Ravensbourne as a member of Greenwich Citizens UK during roll call. Maru Hernández [below right]& Sarah Dousse maintained the creative display during ceremonies.

The Handouts:
To keep the conversation going we prepared handouts providing our site name & contact information. o many people interacted with the display and took these away; we’re hoping to hear from community members interested in the work with potential ideas for future development. 
“It’s incredibly rewarding to work with people, harvest skills and come together to create change. Greenwich Welcomes brought an amazing addition of talent and creativity. 
A thought provoking and emotional piece that portrayed a complex problem in a way local communities could comprehend and act on.”

- Paulina Tamborrel - Greenwich Citizens UK
The following quote from a local faith leader, included on one of the posters, illustrates the life changing impact that resettlement and the opportunity to start a new life can have on vulnerable people who have experienced such hardship: ​​​​​​​
“Last week I took my family to Greenwich Park with two of the three Syrian families. We had a picnic together, saw the sights and the children played in the playground then ate ice cream… there was fun, there was laughter and there was freedom. The three families feel at home here… It has been a real privilege being part of the team helping these families settle into our neighbourhoods, they are all wonderful people, who have been through a lot in their lives and I’m so pleased that we are able to offer really, practical and sincere support…”

-Rebecca Bickley - Pastor, Trinity Vineyard Church 

Stories like this make it well apparent the value held within this cause. We hope our project, at its current stage, helps ensure that more families, after having been victims of violence, displacement, and instability, will get to enjoy a sense of community and belonging here in Greenwich.
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