In the program called LIF - Leaders of Innovation Fellowship (with the support of the Royal Academy of Engineering) a group of engineers from around the world are brought into London for two weeks to get their innovation to a market: they get mentoring, workshop trainings, entrepreneurial advice, network opportunities, and finally pitch their idea to investors.

In this process they also need a helping hand with creating their visuals. This is were a couple of other illustrators and me come in . I provide fellows with visual support for their presentation, and I made a point by adapting to each project needs. This is why all the visual below look different.

I had an immense pleasure meeting the engineers,
learning about their innovation and create a tailored visual for each of them.

Please note that some engineers requested "blank" visuals as they wished to place the copy in themselves. This is why some visual will look a bit empty.

Improved PSA kit which gives results in 25 minutes

Visuals for Alba sensors and Diagnostics: 

Weighing the pros and cons of a new training system for surgeons.

In the first row, you can see how a bone implant is usually done, two incisions are made during an invasive surgery. On the second row, with an innovative material, a bone can be fix within one operation. The material will dissolves over time.

With this innovative material, the surgeon can mold the perfect bone implant to fix the bone in no time.

Screws made out of a new biomaterial that will dissolve overtime when used to fix bones.

Innovation by Crimson Heathcare : Actura.

Actura is intended for left colostomates. The device can be simply attached to a base plate/wafer and can be replaced every 15 days or earlier. It is easy to install and clean.

Innovation by Crimson Heathcare : Actura. 

Actura is a novel pouch-less, continent ostomy management system that allows you to live a life without constantly wearing pouch. It also enables you to do many things in your life which otherwise were so difficult to imagine such as participating in sports like cricket, skiing, hiking, tennis and the list goes on..

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