I’ve been entrusted with the honour of presenting an hour long presentation for the post-graduate students at Ravensbourne University (London,UK). 
The presentation covers a wide variety of options operating as a freelancer in the UK. 
I have gathered informative information and will be providing guidance based on my personal experience. 
Towards the end of the presentation, additional time will be provided for questions and for students to share their personal experience.
shown below are a couple of glimpses of the presentation and the topics we discussed.

As always at the beginning of the presentation I gave some information about myself and how I came to stand here today.

Here I would explain the differences between sole trader, umbrellas and limited companies. Weighting the pro and cons of each and giving advice on how my personal journey went.

As a director of my limited company, I focused on this of course and gave a few specific advice on how it would go if they had to set up their own company now.

This has been the most interesting slide and raise a lot of questions from the students as we discussed how to find the right balance in life.
what is a good job? is it the one that pays well or the one we are proud to have worked on?
do we value piers recognition through well-known awards or do we prefer a large fanbase on IG?

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