Mind maps with images and words who capture specific aspects of a script. These visual were inserted in a presentation to help people get a better understanding of the demographics, interests and wishes of their target market.

I was given a script with a short description of each segment. I had complete freedom for style and content for these visuals.
Discerners: They like the classics, finer things in life, appreciate tradition and heritage, like to show off their knowledge and discernment to others.

Considerate Occasionals: They look to buy environmentally sustainable and locally-sourced products. They aren't knowledgeable about wine.

Quality Appreciators: Older, big foodies, looking for quality ingredients and locally sourced products, only drink wine with a meal or as a special treat.
Party People: They love to party, having a great time, letting loose, carefree.
Aspiring Socials: They are starting out in their career, looking to impress, wanting to make something of their lives. They work hard and enjoy a night out regularly to let off steam. They want to impress and look to alcohol to give them confidence.
Mindful Moderators: They are conscious of the impact of alcohol has on their health. 
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